fourth child of victoria beckham is female

The singer who later became a fashion designer, Victoria Beckham, reportedly will have a baby girl who had been coveted the wife of footballer David Beckham for this. Thus was launched Cosmopolitan.

That said, the 36-year-old singer had a baby girl choose clothes and speculation was circulating if he wants to have a baby girl.

Some time ago, Victoria announced it would have a child in the summer and very excited when he knows he checked through ultrasound that the fetus was only 16 weeks.

Usually the sex of a baby newly identified after 20 weeks, but the former singer who is fashionable to use four-dimensional ultrasound in the house saki Rivers Private Hospital, Hertfordshire, England. However, Posh refused to comment about it.

The couple already have a Brooklyn Beckham (11), Romeo (8), Cruz (5). "David and Victoria are very happy and they said will get a baby girl,"said a source

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