lady gaga vomiting, food poisoning

The singer who had just launched the newest single, "Born This Way", Lady Gaga, must bear the pain when performed on stage at concerts later.

Chanter hits 'Bad Romance' is reportedly suffering from food poisoning during a concert in London recently, to throw up behind the stage, as quoted by

"The night before in London, I have food poisoning. I threw up behind the stage and I have to bear the pain, I'm not going to throw up on stage," said 24 year old woman.

If you vomit on the stage when the concert, he said again, the fans would think he was drunk. But as a professional musician, he should be confident and enduring than any problems that interfere with his career.

"Speaking from a purely musical standpoint, I thought I was a great player, I am a talented entertainer. I consider myself as one of the greatest voices in the industry. I'm one of the greatest songwriters, and I'm one of the greatest dancers. I thought it was ok to be confident, "he said to Vogue magazine.

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