victoria beckham confused specifies the name of her baby daughter later

Victoria Beckham is having trouble finding women to prospective baby name after using that name for two dogs, Twiggy and Coco. Two of this name had been mentioned will be given if endowed with a baby girl.

"For years, Victoria wants to give a name to name her daughter Coco. The name was taken from the famous French fashion designer, Coco Chanel,"he said one source.

"However, after three boys (Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz), he said it was not going to use that name and gave the Bulldog female dog owned by the family.

Victoria (36) also mention the name of Luna as the right choice. This name was previously used to her third child. However, that was born male. "I like the name Luna, this is a girl's name and maybe for the next baby's name," said the wife of footballer David Beckham is.

Unfortunately, the name of Luna was taken by Frank Lampard and former fiancee, Elen Rivas. Megan and Matilda became the name of choice but already taken by their close friend, Gordon and Tana Ramsey.

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