countries with the largest population of obese

Do not you think countries that have a lot of people are the fattest developed nations, the poorest country in reality many are experiencing things like this. The causes vary, lack of exercise habits and rarely do the diet resulted in a number of people in this country with problems with weight.

Here are the countries where the fat people are as reported from globalpost:

1.Samoa (93.5 percent)
An archipelago which is also located in the Pacific Ocean is actually a tradition of eating a healthy diet that is high fiber complex carbohydrates and low in fat. Yet since the migration of foreigners during World War II, the diet was changed and make this country as the fattest country in the world.

2. Kiribati (81.5 percent)
Between the years 1964-2001, import of food in one of the poorest countries in the world increased 6-fold. Foods imported from other countries generally in the form of processed foods that contain lots of fat and unhealthy. No wonder the island nation located in the Pacific Ocean holds the position of 'runner up' the fattest country in the world.

3. United States (66.7 cent)
Since the 1960s, 24 percent of Americans are overweight. Now that number continues to increase, up to 2 of 3 people can be categorized as obese. Aka junk food unhealthy foods touted as a major driver of obesity in the United States.

4. Germany (66.5 percent)
Not too surprising if the Germans entered one of the most obese state, because its people well known to the culture of drinking beer and eating greasy food. In an effort to reduce the number of residents who are obese, the government provides fruit and vegetables as snacks for free for school children in the country.

5. Egypt (66 percent)
The number of people with obesity problems in Egypt increased since the 1980s. Since that time, the rate of population growth getting out of hand so that unhealthy eating patterns. Especially in the tradition of some of its citizens, women are taboo for the exercise.

6. Bosnia-Herzegovina (62.9 percent)
Problem of obesity does not only happen in countries with relatively high per capita income. Evidence, Bosnia-Herzegovina ayng average population still lives below the poverty line in the top 10 most obese states. The trigger such an unhealthy diet, coupled with smoking and drinking alcohol.

7. New Zealand (62.7 percent)
According to research from the University of Otago, New Zealand's obesity problem is triggered by watching a TV addict since childhood. In this country, more obesity problem is triggered by lack of exercise than from too much eating.

8. Israel (62.9 percent)
As in some other developed countries, fat is also a serious problem in Israel. In the last 30 years alone, the number of obese people in this country has increased 3 times.

9. Croatia (61.4 percent)
In this country, cardiovascular disease causes the most deaths since one risk factor is obesity. Being concern about high rates of obesity, a charity in Croatia on record making the world's largest jeans in June 2010. Kalu vast size 6 tennis courts, sewn from 8023 pieces of jeans donated by citizens.

10. Britain (61 percent)
Quite reasonable if the UK top 10 countries with the highest average BMI in the world, for Europe's own lifestyle Britons are among the most rarely exercise. Even record fattest man never held a British man weighing 680 pounds (about 308 kg).

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