skating in the snow without clothes (naked)

Hundreds of people doing extraordinary party, they skate on the ice without wearing clothes.
But not all surfers are without clothes, some of them, even wearing kostumyang strange, but only 22 people who were brave enough snow down the hill without wearing clothes.

Two men look down the hill without wearing clothes in the show 'Naked Pig' which was held in Tianchi International Ski Resort, at Urumxi, China.
'We held this party at the end of the skating season, but this is the best event,' said a spokeswoman for the resort.

Gift of the event was won by Zhang Rongmin, who dressed half-naked with Arabic style. reports the Orange, on Thursday (03/24/2011).
While the awards 'Best Beauty Cold' submitted to Xie Yong, who was not wearing anything on his body.

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