ufo exist in marriage prince william kate?

Will the UFO came in William-Kate wedding? This is not a silly question. Because the former British Royal Air Force officer who is now involved in managing the Institute of Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) George Filer says that the possibility of UFOs will come in the marriage.

Filer said that UFOs often come in a variety of important world events. "It seems that UFOs have an interest in all things important. Finally, they were seen in the sky near the Libyan and Japanese tsunami," Filer said that this American.

There are 2 important reasons that reinforce the opinion of Filer. First, a few weeks and then UFOs appear in the English Channel, as reported by one member of the British Air Force. Second, the British royal family itself has an interest in UFOs.

He described his experiences meeting with Prince Philip in the 1960s. "It was around in 1961 or 1962. He met us after dinner and wanted to talk about UFOs. He said that the air force to stop sending the fleet because some do not come back," he explained.

Commenting on what was said Filer, crop circle investigator Colin Andrews said that the royal family is paying attention to the problem of UFOs and aliens. "Prince Philip and Queen seemed to be interested in this problem. And it seems their interest is based on personal experience."

Filer claimed that he could see the 1000 UFO every month. In recent weeks, according to a report the British air force pilot, the number of UFOs were seen more and more. Well, would a UFO actually came on William Kate wedding?

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