behind the unique name of princess victoria beckham

Happiness is the life of the couple Victoria and David Beckham. British couples are just blessed with a daughter. They immediately give a name for her baby. Harper Seven is the name chosen and Victoria Beckham for her fourth child.

The name given to Victoria and David Beckham is considered unique. And it turns out, the famous couple had its own reasons, so they gave that name to his little daughter.

"Harper is an old name in England. And Victoria loved it," said a source close to Victoria and Beckham was quoted as saying USMagazine, Tuesday, July 12, 2011.

So, what about the origin of Seven behind the name Harper? According to sources, said Beckham Seven is the option to complete the name of his daughter. The number seven is the number one jersey soccer star.

And the number seven considered lucky number. Moreover, the birth of his daughter was identical to the number seven. Born in the seventh month, the seventh minute, and also at seven.
Princess Beckham is not the only baby named Harper in Hollywood. Previously, couples actress Tiffani Thiessen and her husband, Brady Smith gave a name to their daughter, Harper Renn.

Victoria Beckham's fourth child and was born on Sunday, July 10, 2011 at the Hospital Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles. The highly anticipated birth Beckham family. During this time, the couple is desperate for a daughter. Their dream has now materialized.

"I am very proud and excited to announce the birth of our daughter, Harper Seven Beckham," Beckham wrote in a Facebook account

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