victoria busy with the baby, beckham cooking in the kitchen

while Victoria Beckham tried to recover after giving birth to his fourth baby, Harper Seven, it looks like David Beckham had suddenly become 'the father of the household' which administers the other three children, also a few other chores, including cooking!
The couple was blessed with four children at a time first daughter on Sunday (10 / 7) then. Performed a cesarean delivery, so Victoria had to rest more to recover his health, as well as busy having a baby.

As a result, David was the one who take care of housework, including cooking meals for their little family. This is expressed through their personal Facebook account, where the footballer showing off his skills at the same time to cook dishes photos made.

"Something I made earlier, homemade risotto for my family," Beckham writes with his picture.

Earlier, Beckham took her three sons were also seen playing on the beach, including taking pictures his first son, Brooklyn, who were practicing surfing, while Victoria and Harper are at home and rest. Hmm, great husband and dad!

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