victoria beckham distribute free treatment cream

Victoria Beckham is looking forward to the birth of her fourth child. In the midst of busy preparing for the birth, the wife of footballer David Beckham, to share tips on skin care for stretch marks antidote to pregnant women.

Victoria's Secret turns smooth skin is cream Elemis Japanese Camellia Oil. Through Twitter account is at 1.2 million people follow, he writes, "Pregnancy Tips!! I use it every pregnant, it's amazing!". He also uploaded photos cream bottles.

Cream worth £ 27.60, got it for free. Parties from Elemis sent cream for free. No business or professional agreement between Victoria with parties from Elemis.

That's because if Victoria receives payment for his tweet about Elemis cream, he could violate the 'Office of Fair Trading'. In Britain, anyone who recommends products online should write clearly whether he paid or not.

"Victoria does not work for us. Whatever he put on his own assessment. We did send him the product for free, but there is no agreement. No contract," said party from Elemis, as quoted by the Daily Mail.

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