Victoria Beckham to deliver a girl

Protracted couple David and Victoria Beckham over. Once the presence of their three sons, Brookyln (12), Romeo (8), and Cruz (6) David and Victoria finally awarded a daughter who later was named Harper Seven Beckham.

Harper's birth becomes incalculable boon for them. In fact, before David and Victoria did not set a target to have a daughter.
In a television talk show a few moments before giving birth, Victoria told kepasrahannya about the baby's gender. "I am very happy, whatever the sex of my baby later on. Had a baby boy too, I think, we will have almost half of a football team, "he said.
Harper's presence is also like a glue integrity of the household of David and Victoria. Understandably, not long before news of Victoria was pregnant, David was exposed to the issue of infidelity. Although when it's scandalous affair with a woman David had smelled the media, Victoria actually said he believed David 100 percent and will not file for divorce.
The storm had passed, and January last, they announced the pregnancy status in Victoria through a Facebook account.

Unique Names
Ahead of Harper's birthday, speculation had circulated, Victoria will perform a caesarean section at London Hospital to coincide with U.S. Independence Day, July 4. However, reality says another because the new baby was born on Sunday (10 / 7), exactly six days after David-Victoria to celebrate their wedding anniversary is the 12th.
News Direct Harper announced the birth of David through his Facebook account. "I am so proud and excited to announce the birth of our daughter Harper Seven Beckham. She weighed a healthy 7lbs 10oz and arrived at 7:55 this morning, here in LA. Victoria is doing really well and her brothers are Delighted to have a baby sister. "(I am very proud and pleased to announce the birth of our daughter, Harper Seven Beckham. It weighs 3.45 kg and she was born at 7:55 this morning in Los Angeles. Victoria is fine and his brothers are very happy to get a younger sister).

After giving the announcement, tens of thousands of fans are poised to give congratulations. Not escape, two members of the group Spice Girl, Emma Bunton and Mel B also write their feelings of joy over the birth of the child Victoria in Twitter account.

Before the name of Seven Beckham Harper announced, stylist Sally Lyndley had time to write a name that initially may be used. "Congratulations on Beverly gorgeous baby," he wrote. However, ultimately the name of Seven Beckham Harper was the one who officially carried.

Harper's name itself is taken from the name of Victoria's favorite man in the age old English, while the number seven pointed out as a lucky number. In addition, the number seven is also associated numbers back David for playing at Manchester United and England national team.
To welcome the presence of their daughter, David and Victoria Beckham rented a house that consists of 11 luxury rooms in the area of ​​Malibu, California for 60 thousand dollars, or about USD 570 million per month. The house will be occupied until November of this year or until the time of David in the team's contract LA Galaxy ends. Afterward, David was allegedly ready to bring the whole family returned to England and a career there.

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