victoria, plan the birth of baby hearts of independence usa

The celebrity couple David Beckham and Victoria Adams was awaiting the birth of their fourth child. Victoria who is a former personnel 'Spice Girls' was planning to give birth in the United States Independence Day on 4 July.

As reported by The Sun, Friday (20/05/2011) Victoria to do this in honor of Uncle Sam's country they lived for 4 years. They also had to prepare Atlanta to name her baby.

Previously, Victoria had reserved a private room at London's Hospital on 4 June. But he changed his mind, and decided to give birth in Los Angeles.

"Vic and David love America, its culture and people who welcome him with open arms," said the source.

The fetus that was conceived of Victoria known female. Previously, Victoria had expressed her wish to name the baby 'Luna'. The name means 'moon' in Spanish.

For his son, David Beckham and Victoria refused to use the traditional English names like John, Peter or David. The couple chose the name of Spain smell like Romeo and Cruz.

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