9 cases strangest divorce

How do you wife want a divorce on the grounds that her husband is too in love with the cleanliness? Maybe we will be cursed all-out, "why not given clearance grateful husband ...". However, it turns out there are you know a real incident like that. At least that is experienced by a German man in April 2009.

His wife divorced him because the heart is too saturated with the nature of her husband who is too clean. They have passed 15 years together, but his wife's patience runs out when her husband decided to rebuild one of the walls in the house just because the previous wall looked so dirty.

In addition to the above story, below there's more other 9 cases of divorce, no less strange. Let's look together.

1. Had separate beds during early married
Court Tainan (Taiwan) grant the demands of a husband for divorce because his wife was 'too embarrassed' to admit their marriage, even after the wedding is running a year old. 39-year-old teacher was acquainted with his wife (30) through a matchmaker service. After Chen and Lin, so call them, going out for 3 months, they finally decided to get married.

But Lin refused to undergo marriage to the fair. When the first night, Lin slept in a state of dress 'full' with a blanket covering her body. When Chen tried to sleep with him, Lin pushed him away shouting, "That's ridiculous you are!", And Lin is also home to his parents' house the next day.

Through the matchmaker who introduced them, Lin admitted signing a contract agreed to marry only because of problems of livelihood and he also asked that she and her husband slept separately. But somehow, obviously not achieved the purpose Lin Chen who can not stand because eventually filed for divorce. Lin admitted in court that he refused to undergo the first night because of feeling tired and sick. But the judges still think that is a strange thing when Lin asked for separate beds since she got married.

The judge also asked Lin to give NT $ 300 thousand (about Rp90 million) in Chen's in compensation for the purchase of apartments, dowry, and shame due to a failed marriage because of trivial reasons.

2. Ngintip husband his wife's face
A Saudi woman in 2008 and then sue for divorce because her husband tried to peek his face. Strangely, their marriage at that time had entered the age of 30. Perhaps the curiosity that had accumulated over the years that makes the husband finally could not stand and really want to know what the hell the wife's face.

After getting caught trying to open his wife's veil as she slept, her husband apologized and promised never to repeat it. But unfortunately, the wife who had only showed her eyes just continued to insist for divorce. Ah, so curious, actually his wife's face is too pretty or reverse it?

3. Advice parrot
Nine years ago, a woman from China filed the petition for divorce after his pet mynah bird to say the words that is quite strange in his hearing. Bird was said to utter words such as: "Divorce", "I Love You", and "Patience dong!".

According to the newspaper Xinmin Evening, from the bird chatter, the wife suspected something was wrong. Then note that the bird seems to learn new vocabulary from the phone while talking with her husband's dark WIL, while his wife visited his parents' house. The wife had brought the case as well as 'witnesses' to the court, in the hope that this could be a strong evidence that her husband was cheating and he wanted a divorce.

4. Having an affair with a neighbor
A grandmother 84-year-old German divorce her husband (82) after 60 years of togetherness because her husband caught them having sex with other women in the workplace. The story of this affair when the couple parted dark forgot to close the curtains when you're busy doing a quickie in one corner of the office. When her husband knew delinquency, Ruth immediately expel old grandfather was gone, and oddly enough, the old man then decided to stay with their mistresses whose home is only 2 doors from the house of Ruth.

5. Lying about age
Luo who lied about his age finally had to feel the consequences of his lie own lips. After 10 years of marriage, the husband desperate to divorce Luo because he regarded himself had been deceived. Luo himself admitted was 24 years old when he was spoken for, but when it has reached the age of 30 years.

6. Do not want to eat lunch with mother-in-law again
Women from Focsani (Rome) had a divorce in 2005, with the reason he can not stand having lunch with her mother-in-law ... every day. Women (23) who had been married 10 months was admitted that her life was like in hell because of the presence of the mother-in-law. Elena T told the court that it was the main reason for divorce. Even so the court advised him to seek a better excuse if you want a divorce from her husband.

7. Couple more to feed wild animals
A retired Roman filed for divorce against her husband after 50 years of their marriage because he was bored with the behavior of her husband who likes to spend his retirement by feeding the animals the streets. Eliza Barbu (71) said her husband regularly give food scraps for a few years later on a pair of wild dogs.

However, when the number of her husband's upbringing evolved into 20 animals and the husband gave the animals eat up to 3 times a day, then Eliza had reached its saturation point. The reason is, due to act of the husband, no more food left for them both.

Eliza said she could no longer accept the fact that they have to starve because the money is spent on pensioners dog food around the house. Moreover, more and more dogs are coming every day.

8. Husband insisted the Beijing Olympics campaign
This man divorced his wife two years ago because he decided to run across China to support the Olympics in Beijing. Wang Yueting (57) from Chuzhou city (Anhui province) to sell her apartment to finance the 'escape'. He spent the money to a van and 6 other people, which is a support team with him. Wang's wife threatened to file for divorce if her husband still go, and finally came to pass breakup.

9. Because Mr.P broken
A man was sued for divorce by his wife after the wife found her husband Mr.P false. This was revealed when they're having sex. The husband, Grigory Toporov (48), said that he did not know how big his penis so he wanted to do 'connection' Mr.P. However, his wife just shocked and frightened when Mr. P husband broke when they're busy doing the hot action. Greg said he would make Mr extension. P again, but his wife was already saturated with failure when in bed and she still asked for a divorce. Just weird!

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