Fergie defends Christina Aguilera

FRIEND is always there in the ups and downs. That's what Fergie evidenced by defending his fellow singer, Christina Aguilera, who had been criticized for incorrectly pronounce the lyrics American Anthem, the opening of the Super Bowl last weekend.

''You know, that's a huge venue. The tension takes over you,''said the Black Eyed Peas personnel on Monday (7 / 2), as quoted usmagazine.com site.

''I really understand. He's one one of the best singers today. No one can say otherwise. But, you're so nervous. We are human beings,''he added.

Meanwhile, Aguilera itself has apologized for the mistake he made. ''I was so caught up in the moment of the song that got lost. I can only hope that everyone can feel my love for this country, and that the true spirit of the national anthem is still flowing,''said the star of 'Burlesque' it.

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