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Entering the new moon, Rihanna hit a lot of misfortune. First is a sexy photo spread in the Internet due to sass her ex-boyfriend, Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp. Second is the gossip lesbian who exhaled a model named Tajah Burton.

Rihanna's sexy topless photos show has been circulating on the Internet since Friday (28 / 1) then. Chanter Only Girl (In The World) seems to pose without a stitch on his body except in black pants and smiled at the mirror while holding the phone. Pose the cash fueling speculation that he took the photograph itself to warm up before having sex.

Rihanna was allegedly sent photos to his ex-girlfriend, Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp. Athlete of the mouth was allegedly distributing them to friends. A careless action because of it, the photo was successfully captured by the news site MediaTakeOut.com that then make them public.

Rihanna itself has not released any statement about her sexy pictures that leaked it. However, ex-boyfriend Chris Brown has been hit by new gossip. Model Tajah Burton claimed that he had enjoyed a brief romance with Rihanna, a year ago.

"We have a great relationship," she said as quoted by The Sun. "We ordered food together, watching TV together, just do all things. I listened to the song with him. Music was his life. Togetherness us further into a sexual relationship. It only lasts for a few weeks because he was very busy, and much has happened in his life. We must keep our relationship. "

"I think she was bisexual. Our relationship is great fun. Not unexpectedly, and very enjoyable," added Burton as reported by Aceshowbiz. "Sex with him is very great, but there's more - we really do have a relationship. He inspired me and we support one another."

This is not the first time it struck the printer hits Umbrella lesbian issues. Several years ago, he raises speculation that he would date a woman after reportedly said, "All men are born with the ability to be attracted to both sexes. I mean, I could see myself involved with a woman."

However, the rumor was later clarified by the site Gossip Cop, who explains that the statement was never out of the mouth Rihanna.

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