men obsessed with barbie dolls

The man is obsessed Being Barbie Collector Dolls 3000. Hobby for a doll that is a common and normal. But if to have the obsession to collect as many doll is incredible.

As being experienced by Stanley Colorite. He had a happy obsession with Barbie dolls and then he collects Barbie Dolls 3000. Not only are there doll bedroom is spectacular but the bathroom was decorated Barbie doll.

As was reported by the Daily Mail, that this man calls himself the 'Barbie Man' means one Barbie. Her love of Barbie dolls began over 16 years. He collected this cute doll from the Barbie family (Ken), clothing, toy cars to houses.

Do not bear responsibility for channeling his hobby he had memgeluarkan $ 30,000 or approximately USD 290 million. Take a look at some photos of Stanley Colorite with dolls Barbienya.

Mr Colorite install and Barbie dolls on display in 7 bedrooms and bathrooms as well as some homes. According to him, he will not stop being a toy collector woman in her home as long as there is still a gap.

Look kolekasinya, if you add up the whole there are 2,000 and 1,000 Barbie Ken. Dolls lined up neatly adorned the wall of his house.

According to the collector, of the many collections, couples Schilicker Dennis claims to have a favorite doll, the Barbie version 1992 which he bought at a price of $ 975. Moreover, he also has the oldest Barbie produced in 1962, when he bought it for $ 6.

Exciting and unique, right? How about you? A collection of what you're considering for hobby?

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