BioTac, Unique Robot That Has Feelings

Latest robot invention, BioTac, Unique Robot Can Touch And Feel Objects. All we know is doing the robot is functioning human tasks. That is what the human being can be "represented" in the robot. For example, if in the automotive world that I often see on TV-TV, robot install mor or bolt in a car design. It was done by a robot. So people do not have fatigue.

But if a robot can touch and feel the touch or feel what he touches, this is a new discovery in the world of technology. As reported by the robot that the invention was considered crazy even the latest findings in the world of robots.

"We've seen some crazy things done by the robot, such as playing with a dangerous knife and spoon-fed one. But we have not seen a robot with feelings until now. We know this might be weird. 

But let's think about this crazy idea for a moment. Let erpikir about its application in prosthetic limbs. amputated person could really feel and sense the texture of any object by gripping ".

Scientists have developed a mechanical finger to feel the texture. Mechanical finger has a sensor that is surrounded by a special fluid and flexible leather covered. If the mechanical finger touches an object it creates vibrations. Each pattern has its own kind of vibe which is then sensed by the sensors.

So therefore, BioTac can tell you that object. The results of tests and experiments that can feel 117 BioTac different textures with a 95 percent success. It turned out versus the same when the same experiment was also performed in humans, BioTac provide more accurate results.

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