Prophet Noah's ship was made again, at a cost of 16 million dollars

A creator of Dutch origin, Johan Huibers, spent three years and $ 1.6 million U.S. dollars. The money comes from koceknya own.

He built a replica of Noah's ark with a quote from the Gospel story. Huibers this dream already owned about 20 years ago and assumed if great flood drowned the country was nicknamed Windmills.

Based on the legend in the Gospel, the ark was made ​​to protect the family of the Prophet Noah, and two of every animal species on earth when the flood struck for 40 days and 40 nights.

Huibers built the replica Ark reputedly similar in size to the original Ark of Noah. Length is about 450 feet and a width of about 75 feet.

This is the second ship owned by Huibers. In 2007, he completed half of the ark on a scale larger version. There are some concessions which are adjusted in these modern times. In the story, Noah's ark made ​​of gopher wood tree while Huiber using Swedish pine trees.

Huiber say it is okay because according to the Gospel, God asked Noah to make an ark of wood resin. Huibers's Ark is also on his side were given iron.

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