Goerge bush on the list of most evil person in the world

Former President of the United States (U.S.) George W Bush and former Vice-President Dick Cheney, into the row of figures behave badly throughout history. Uniquely list was issued in a school yearbook in the U.S..

Bush figure is equated with Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, dedengkot Al Qaeda Osama bin Laden and the U.S. leading killer, Charles Manson. Yearbook of the controversy is printed by the first secondary school in Russellville Arkansas.
The release of this book is torn the ire of parents and teachers at the school. The organizers tried to book authors are invited to cover the last page of this criticism with black tape. But the parents are already angry with the act of the committee.

They could not accept if the figure of George W. Bush equated with Osama bin Laden. Under the order, Hitler was in the first place, followed Bin Laden and Charles Mason. Bush and Cheney himself is ranked four and five.

"Black tape will be easily opened. As parents and school board members and taxpayers, this action can not be very justified, "said one of his parents, Chris Cloud, as quoted Newsnet5.

The school itself says what is made by the students do not reflect the attitude of the school. Some teachers say that some students who became the committee making this book not vote on this list. They took the results of a poll on the internet for reference.

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