secret to being loved women

Tips for the girls liked, how can I make a lot of girls liked some guys think they should be handsome, what the guy had, where she traveled and even people who are known by the boy. I suppose it had to determine these factors, but not forever. Anyway if not accompanied by the boy how do I 'bring' things that he has it all, definitely going in vain. You can also read Tips What to Avoid The man so that no one in the present themselves when dealing with people we like.

So, give any kind of hell and tips on how to be liked by the girls. Here are some things to consider as a guy if you're starting to meet:

1. Polite
Anyone would agree and so attention is really on this one even in the first row of the type of guy that liked by girls. Little things like opening the door and so become points for the guy. Just how deh best in terms of politeness ditunjukin the boy to girl is the first value.

Eits, but wait a minute. Should be remembered also is lho kalo courtesy ditunjukin guns to target only girl that you like. It would be great if you give the same treatment with his family, his own family and people around you.

2. Keep Clean!
Girls exact appearance tetep Seeing the guy, only difference is the definition of disebutin appearance at the second point is not about the physique of the guy wrote. Guns only appearance looks the guy who visits, but clean as well. Well, that's him whose name to look attractive and impressive!

Kebayangkan guns fit if you talked to the girl, instead do'i ilfil to you because your breath smells really!

3. Able to Communicate Well
Here are some things you should remember if a conversation with one girl / woman:

* Sense of humor.
* In addition you have a good sense of humor, of course boys should also be able to talk serious.
* Can create a conversation so interesting
* Ability to chat with the fair without artificial.
* Occasionally asked. Hehe. Let the conversation continue snack.
* The last ya, girl usually most happy if the guys can remember the story of the girl.

4. Avoid Tempting The Girl.
If you are speaking the same girl aka girl 'Playgirl' which may nafsuan lah. But if girls and women are 'smart', of course he's going really fed up with the guy who liked to tease and use body language or stories that stimulate.

Make the girls too, try deh we think, if the guy really happy to use tricks 'stimulate' for favored girl or the girl would be touched - ya boy often nerapin also likely to target the previous girl.

5. Focus On The Girl / Woman
Favored by many women may dream of every guy. But, if you nerapin those things in life you love, you'll sure deh guns to none. So, focus on one girl wrote.

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