munich suddenly naked city

suddenly naked city  unique newsMunich - A horrendous sight seen in the city of Munich, Bavaria, Sunday (23/06/2012). Thousands of people gathered, forming a formation in the center of town naked. But their bodies painted red and gold.

This is not a nude parade, but rather a photo shoot by photographer from the United States, Spencer Tunick. This is the most recent creation photographer who features a full color. At least 1700 volunteers took off their clothes to pose for Tunick in front of the camera.

suddenly naked city  unique news
Daily Mail reported photocall was done at the Plaza Max Joseph in the city of Munich in the Bavarian Opera for opening featuring the work of Richard Wagner's Der Ring des Nibelungen entitled.

suddenly naked city  unique newsShooting of this kind ever done Tunick in New York in 1992 showing people naked. Since then, he continues to make the same work, among others, in London, photographing 500 naked volunteers, in Barcelona, ​​which involved 7,000 people naked, and several hundred people at Grand Central Station New York. Last year, he photographed 1,000 people Israel are standing naked in the Dead Sea to inspire the public about the dangers of rising sea levels.

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