painting on rice grain, amazing

unique newsThe soul of art that can be routed through any medium. For example, a lover of painting, the canvas is no longer the only medium to portray the imagination of the artist.
This is evidenced by an artist from Taiwan named Chen Forng-Shean. Chen prefers to use small objects such as grains of rice or sand to create miniature works of art such as paintings famous people.

 Chen, who honed his skills in self-taught art is spend months, even years, to work with a magnifying glass in his art studio, which is located on the 2nd floor at his residence.

unique newsAlmost every day in 10 years, Chen immediately locked himself in his art studio to complete the paintings in a very small canvas. To complete the painting on rice grain size of 0.5 cm x 0.3 cm, this unique artist took more than 1 month.

unique newsMen aged 58 years has got the international recognition of the extraordinary work by using the smallest objects around the canvas. Starting from grain grains are very small as sesame seeds, and rice until the grains of sand, even the thin noodles, once used as a medium for painting by Chen.

men who have shown interest in the arts since she was young, said: by creating works of art on canvas super small like a grain of rice, and sesame seeds, not just skills are very necessary, of course, is also a high level of patience and concentration of an element important.
To the point, Chen must exercise his breath for this art project, because when creating paintings on rice grains, Chen often held his breath for a few minutes so that his hands would not cause vibration.

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