naked girls in a cave for charity event

naked girls in a cave A young woman climbing a cave without wearing panties and bra then photographed from below. He does not care about moss on his body littering the cave wall.

 It is the action of one of a group of cavers, who took off her clothes to pose naked while they were running hobby. They posed nude for a unique calendar. During the action they did not care about the health and safety regulations.

In the calendar, which shows caving enthusiasts about exploring caves in Britain and France, showing the number of men and women climbing around the rocks.

One photograph shows a woman wearing only wellies and harness when he climbed the steep cliff. While the other four were in the cave without wearing nothing but a helmet torch lit hear.

Termnyata action proved to be a hit among cavers in the UK. Although the price calendar £ 10 (U.S. $ 150,000), the purchaser until droves. Aklender the proceeds will be donated as charity to the cave rescue team.

naked girls in a cavenaked girls in a cave
Cave explorers Laura Brown, who took the photographs for the calendar, said: "I like the idea of ​​naked men in a cave,"

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