girlband consisting grandmothers

Whose name is synonymous with the girlband definitely beautiful girls who sang and moved his body rhythmically while dancing. But what would happen if a girlband members were all grandmothers????

 A vocal group known as Buranovo Grannies became a byword in Russia after being elected to be the country's representative in the Eurovision singing contest, as reported by the Sydney Morning Herald.

As the name 'grannies' alias 'granny' personnel 'girl band' Russian style is about 80 years old. If the age of six members in total, so there are more than 400 years.

In a competition in Russia, a group of eight that defeated 24 vocal group and singer, one of which won Eurovision 2008, Dima Bilan.

Granny band from Udmurtia, Russia, was featured wearing traditional dress. They combine modern music with traditional singing style.

When the final in Russia, six members of their rendition of "Party for Everybody". For reffrain part, the song in English, but the rest of Udmurt language, the language of the "brothers" with Finnish speakers and currently only about 325,000 people.

Although old, the style they are not only silent stage. While singing they sway and dance with delight. Sometimes they invite the audience sang along. Arena a festive atmosphere for the audience liked the looks of them and accompany their songs with applause.

Their goal following the singing contest was not just to seek popularity. There is a noble purpose behind it. One of its members named Olya said they joined the race to raise funds to build a church in the village of Buranovo, where they live.

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