expensive price for a haircut Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber. The singer of this one was the center of world attention. Not only the songs that became hits, all the style and attitude of the majority of fans even entice teenage girls. In fact, often imitated, especially haircut.

Conscious of his appearance to the attention of many people, Bieber willing to pay dearly a professional hairdresser to strengthen its appeal.

Since 2009, Bieber entrust the appearance of hair in the hairdressers reliable, Vanessa Price. He usually brings Price to his house at a cost of $ 750 or about Rp6, 8 million each time a pair of scissors.

"I used to cut his hair every few weeks,"Price told Life & Style. Price haircut Price for Bieber quite expensive when compared with the cost of other services a professional hair stylist who is only about U.S. $ 30-100.

Price can be proud of choice Bieber. He always smiled to hear the number of teenagers who try to imitate the hair style Bieber. "I often hear jokes that many who would cheat on her hair style after I cut it."

Melanie Ash, an expert well-known hairdresser, adding, haircuts Bieber became the most popular haircut in a number of countries. "But at other salons, a haircut costs quite affordable with the same model around U.S. $ 14," said Ash.

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