Angelina Jolie threatened poor

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are back fighting. This time, the trigger is not Jennifer Aniston, but financial problems. They're the financial crisis and in danger of bankruptcy.

"Brad has reduced the number of domestic staff, reducing leisureactivities, to reduce the share of the usual charity money they giveto people who need to save expenses," said sources citedShowbizspy, Friday (02/18/2011).

In fact, introduction of the couple's top movie stars of Hollywoodwere abundant. They can raise money USD250 million (Rp2, 2trillion). But unfortunately, they are less able to manageexpenditures so that the peg was greater than the pole.

Once the critical financial condition of unmarried couples who havesix children, Pitt to fire the employee because of his faith are unable to pay salaries.

"Hard to believe, the two biggest movie stars in the world needs tocollect pennies for the penny. They had been facing some toughfinancial reality as experienced by millions of other families across America," said the source.

In fact, Pitt has been from away days sniff financial extravagance.However, every time Jolie were warned to save money, insteadJolie angry.

"When Jolie Pitt warned that they need to cut costs, Jolie said Pittselfish and stingy," added the source.

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