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Writing in the skin of the body with a pen that was used. But a woman who suffered from diseases
rare skin stay scribbling his skin with a fingernail to make a post.

You may not believe when the body's skin can be used as a medium for writing? But the incident really experienced a grandmother who could write in his own body using nails.

Case grandmother named Huang Xiangji first published in 2008. As reported ChinaDaily, Huang's grandmother has experienced this rare skin disorder since childhood.

The medical team identified grandmother Huang artificial urticaria syndrome which is a rare skin disorder.

Anything with a slash through the skin may have results including the words he wrote gently using a nail, to the extent that it is nicknamed the 'book running'. Body grandmother who is now 52 years old is filled with poems and notes.

"This condition is very useful because I can use my hands to write a grocery list," said Huang, a grandmother who was nicknamed 'paper lady', as reported by Chinadaily, Tuesday (05/10/2010).

A skin specialist at the Chinese Medical Association said it was surprised to see the conditions. He said that the grandmother was not having a bad effect although they experienced a very strange condition.

"I tried to write on the skin using a finger, the letters were then protruding from her skin a moment later," said Sandra Hsu, skin specialists from the Chinese Medical Association.

Hsu said the grandmother Xiangji admitted that he had used his own body as a book for years. "Grandma did not even need a pen and paper to write," said Hsu.

According to him, skin disorders urticaria is often the case, but the conditions that allow sufferers to write in his own skin is extremely rare.

"This is basically an allergy, but the skin condition which became so sensitive to to be walking very unusual book," added Hsu.

Until now, there are no clear data showing the number of patients who suffer from skin disorders artificial urticaria.

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