Rainbow Cloud Rare Phenomenon Colorful Clouds

These images show a very rare celestial phenomenon that is colorful clouds. This unique event and decorate the night sky Scottish island.

 This appears enchanting views over the island of Scalpay, Outer Hebrides, before sunrise on December 9. Amateur photographer, Jez Wheeler lucky enough to be in the right place to capture the perfect image of the cloud is commonly called the 'mother-of-pearl' or cloud Nacreous.

Jez Wheeler said: "I woke up in the morning around 8:15 am only to look outside and there is a phenomenon. It was really unexpected but I managed to get a picture. It was beautiful. '

"Most of the clouds seen within two hours after sunset or before dawn, they look fabulous sunny, with a colorful life and slowly shifted."

"The cloud was seen during the winter in high latitudes such as Scandinavia, Iceland, Alaska and Northern Canada. Elsewhere, the appearance of this phenomenon is often associated with severe tropospheric winds and storms. '

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