Flower-faced Monkeys Found in Ecuador

Flower-faced Monkeys tips-ricky.blogspot.com
Brian Shandra South American origin do not believe his eyesight during a visit to Ecuador. He found the monkey-faced flowers.

 The Daily Mail newspaper reported on Saturday (12/1), Shandra Ecuagenera visit to the city is famous for its orchid flower planter. When he was a walk around the estate, she found flowers and exact manner in which the monkey.

Simia dracula orchid flower type that is commonly found in the forests of Ecuador and Peru. "I was really surprised to see monkeys as glaring at me," said Shandra. He said the sad-faced monkey with a small nose and thick lips.

Simia Dracula was first discovered in 1978 by a plant called luer and had 120 spesier in Ecuador.

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