women with the biggest hips in the world

women with the biggest hips in the world
Mikel Ruffinelli a woman with the biggest hips in the world. Overall hip size to 243 centimeters (cm). But the advantage was not to embarrass him.

 Hips mother of four children was not the result of a facelift, but natural. Because they are not used to it, Mikel difficulty when passing through the door and take two seats on a plane now.

39-year-old woman as slender teen, only 63 pounds. But his appearance at this time does not make him want to lose weight, even though he was often ridiculed.

"Wherever I go, my hips get attention, good and bad," said Mikel told TheSun, Sunday (20/01/2013).

"When I walk down the street, I could hear people laughing at me," he added.

"I've heard people say 'Look at her ass fat'," she said.

Some people think Mikel has undergone surgery to increase the size of the buttocks and hips, but all natural. "I think it's a result of having four children, but big hips does a lot in my family," he said.

When young, Mikel normal body size. Even in the early 20's, the scales showed 82 kg. However, the 22-year weight gain 25 pounds after giving birth to her first child Andrew (18). And after giving birth daughter, Destynee (13), Autumn (8) and Justyce (7), hips bulging like balloons.

These conditions make Mikel from Los Angeles difficulties in everyday life.

"When I travel by plane or train, I had to pay for two seats because I do not fit that ass one (seats). Was to be expensive. I drive a truck than using public transport because it is quite large and can fit with me," he said .

"Through a small room sometimes be a problem for me and I had to pass through the side door."

However, he still enjoys family activities such as joining a walk to the park and beach, as she could show off her breasts size 42d in costume were just two pieces.

"Finding clothes that suit my bottom is a challenge. Lingerie I have a custom-made by a tailor."

Mikel also never diet after struggling many tanun to be slim again. She ate about 3 thousand calories a day, over 500 of the intake on the average man. He was pleased with the favorite dishes of Mexico, as well as chicken, seafood, and cheese.

Mikel admitted she loves who she is. She believes that her sexy. "I want the fat lady to understand that you do not have to be skinny like a catwalk model in order to be beautiful".

"I hope I can inspire women to look at me and think 'he's' happy with her body and 'she' has the biggest hips in the world".

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