Japanese Restaurants Serve Menu Composition of Soil

Japanese Restaurants Serve Menu Composition of Soil
Maybe the menu offered in Japanese restaurants will make the curious culinary enthusiast. Quittez Ne Pas restaurant offers a dish that is processed with the use of soil or mud.

 French food restaurant has just launched a complete menu made ​​from the ground, from appetizer to dessert and drinks. Mud is directly imported from Kanuma, Tochigi Prefecture, through the company protoleaf. But not to worry, the mud has been tested cleanliness and safety for consumption.

A site Rocket News 24 reporter to come and sample the menu directly in Gotanda district, Tokyo, that. Jessica Ocheltree claimed there was no sense of any mud or dirt inside each of these dishes. He himself ordered menu champagne pink watermelon, potato starch and dirt soup, salad dressings and dirt with dirt ice cream.

"Outstanding! There's no sense of the land at all. Soup is even simpler glide smoothly with little trace potato taste," wrote Jessica. "I came to sample the soil, but the soil was expecting very little in the diet. I'd forgotten that there was dirt in it."

Sludge material is not felt on the tongue because the land is in the form of compost coffee grounds and palm fiber that is usually thrown away. Chef cook Toshio Tanabe who also won a cooking show on television because it makes the sauce from the ground. If you are interested in tasting then prepare about 1,000 yen per person and confirm a reservation a week in advance.

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