Alcoholic Drinks with Female Breast Sense

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Alcoholic Drinks with Female Breast Sense
An alcoholic beverage vending companies from Germany, G-Spirits tried to present a new taste in the art of drinking alcohol. They try to present a woman's breasts flavored drinks. Wow ...!

Reportedly, a variety of beverages consisting of limited edition vodka, rum, and whiskey was poured over the chest of the first model before then in-package into the bottle.

The models involved are Alexa Varga, Amina Malakona, and Evelin Aubert. They also photographed while contributing to the 2,500 liters G-Spirits, who then put the photo in a web company and the bottles sold. The spokesman admitted, even though it is a campaign to attract the attention of consumers, but also health standards considered.

"We pay high attention to the process of filling it's hygienic, medical personnel present to check it out ..," said the spokesman, told Digital Spy.

Wehehehei ... what it's like??? So curious ..

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