Olympics without clothes

About 300 people, young and old, gathered and competed in Maslin Beach Nude Olympics near the city of Adelaide, Australia, yesterday.

 Site news.com.au reported on Monday (21/1), the people were naked competed in various competitions such as sack races, water balloon tossing, throwing frisbee, and contests buttocks, under the scorching sun.

One juror olympics named Sharon Rich said he was quite happy with the game. He claimed to find the body lean, toned, and attractive.

According to participants Rich kids on Olympics this time fewer than before.

"The nudists are not concerned with the shape of the body. We are not a model. We're only human, "he said.

Rich said she and her husband have never found inappropriate actions Maslin Beach for 30 years. "The nudists are usually very open. They do not like to threaten other people in any way. "

David Pillar Olympic Committee said the event was meant to tell people the nudists were friendly and they just want to have fun. "This event is to make people aware we are not bad people. When we are naked together, no matter the shape of our bodies. Importantly conscience, "he said.

Nude Olympics are held by Australian weekly magazine Southern Times Messenger. Nude Olympics will hold the Olympics held again in 2007 after a gap because there is no sponsorship. Olympics involving adults and children has been held since 1983.

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