ways unique to queue

Queues are sensitive matters that could cause havoc if done by the wrong procedure. The way this is done in Thailand may be an alternative.

 Site joke Reddit recently uploaded photos funny unique queue somewhere in Thailand. The photographs showed people queuing up with a way to represent their footwear. Needless tired of standing, in the order they left sandal came and sat waiting in the waiting chair.

Postings from a user named hicho was immediately spread and become an Internet sensation. In just 15 hours after the photo gets posted 1878 comments and 3 Like thousands of Reddit user. The netizen also throws various comments see the "flip queue" is.

"Hopefully no one wearing slippers together," commented a netter. "Well this is the new name effective queue and all equally pleased," added another netter. "Luckily it was in Thailand, imagine if in other countries during the winter."

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