Chinese restaurants serve food from animal sex
Chinese restaurants serve food from animal sex
There is an old saying that the Chinese eat anything with four legs except a table, and anything that floated in the air except airplanes. Ancient anecdotes proved true with the presence of a restaurant in Beijing called Gualizhuang.

 In this restaurant, you will be served a variety of unique food menu and also make you shudder, the penis. Yes, all the dishes in the restaurant is made from the penis. used penis is certainly not the human penis, but the penis of a wide range of animals.

 Many Chinese people believe that animals can increase the genitals for men and might have a very good efficacy for women. So since the road opened Dongsishitiao year 2006, the popularity of this restaurant has quickly spread across the country. Looking at the menu, this restaurant is definitely not intended for someone who is just a regular culinary connoisseur. However, although impressed disgusting, way of presenting a display is not as sordid as imagined.

What is the menu even presented with attractive appearance with unique names, such as "quintessence of gold Buddha", "flying phoenix", or "jasmine with 1,000 layers".

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