coffee shop with a topless waitress

A coffee shop was forced to close after suffering a wave of opposition from local residents in a small town in England. A wave of opposition comes not because the products offered coffee Grand View Topless Coffee Shop in Vassalboro, Maine, but because the coffee shop waitress, both men and women, bare-chested when serving customers.

Although opposed by residents around the city whose population is less than 5,000 inhabitants, the coffee shop which was established in 2009 was running his business before eventually ordered to close later this year by local government officials for being illegally put up bulletin boards

Donald Crabtree, owner of Grand View Topless Coffee Shop, admits, "I just want to create happiness with my business. I would like to see people smile. I opened the coffee shop with a topless waitress service to bring joy and proved successful.

However, now that ecstasy has passed. I have been struggling to maintain this business for over 2 years and no matter what I do today will not bear anything, someone's trying to sabotage me, "commands the closure of the local government because they put up a bulletin board without bagging official permission. So, what exactly is the content written on the notice board? Ie "boobies Wanted" (Wanted Breasts)

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