writing a novel with the lips

Determination of this one young girl exemplary. His body was born without hands, not a hindrance to realizing his ideals published novel.

Wang Qianjin, capable of making a novel while typing using his lips.

Now this 18-year-old girl, is preparing to welcome the day when his first novel ready for publication, reports the Orange, on Wednesday (15/06/2011).

Qianjin never studied formally in school. But he was able to understand a variety of languages​​, ranging from their mother tongue, ie Chinese, also understand the Japanese and Korean.

Ability multilangualnya he got from his love of watching dramas on television. He studied the pronunciation along with the structure of language characters.
Intelligence to learn the various languages ​​he got from his ability to remember things even though with one glance.

Initially, Qianjin is an author of an online blog on the internet. He uses a pseudonym on his blog. But many are interested in serialized made ​​by him.

"Many readers asked me to write more stories sooner, I try it. I started writing from 09:00 until 1:00 o'clock in the morning the next day. I spend a lot of my time at the computer, "said Qiajin.

Now the story in his blog will be published into a novel. Who tells the fictional story about a girl from a wealthy family who falls in love with a gangster.

His father, Wang Yunqi, never knew about her daughter's talents until Qianjin eventually will now launch a novel.

"He just stayed at home in their daily life, never been to school. It was great to know he can write and even wrote a novel, "said Wang Yunqi.

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