discovery of the boy from the planet mars

The Confessing Boy From Mars, recently, the U.S. space flight and European explorers in a row successfully landed on Mars, the goal is going to look for signs of life on the planet.

According to the report Truth Report Russia on March 12, 2004, stated that a 7-year-old boy in northern Russia claimed he was from Mars, and even has an amazing innate talent and extraordinary ingenuity. Borischa, thus the name of the boy from another planet were to travel that far and it is difficult to arrive in the region full of mystery.

The daily reported that an eyewitness said, when it in one night of calm, the people who camped sitting in front of a campfire chat. Suddenly, Borischa stood bowed, with a loud voice aroused the attention of every person, every person with a feeling interested stare at her. Witnesses said: "Apparently, he intended to tell them about the life of the people on the planet Mars, and experience their legendary flying towards the earth." In an instant, the location of the fire drowned in silence.

And more fantastic again is, this boy is alive even tell you about a mysterious land Limoliya submerged beneath the sea in ancient legend man. And according to the narrative of this boy, when he arrived on earth from Mars just landed there, and understand all of life there.
Many people are surprised to find, that the mysterious boy was at least has 2 characteristics. First, Borischa has incredible knowledge, intelligence level is obviously higher than a normal child her age. Limoliya is a mysterious country in the legend at least 800 thousand years ago, let alone the children, even a university professor was impossible to know everything, and he in detail and to understand all the history, culture and inhabitants of this ancient land. And the second characteristic that causes concern is that this boy has a delivery capability with language that makes people admire. He mastered a wide range of vocational terms, understand the data correctly and accurately, even knowing clearly about the history of Earth and Mars.

An eyewitness said, "I Manurut, when this kid talking about a personal memory of previous lives in us, not talking at random and baseless."

According to reports, a mysterious Borischa born in a remote rural hospital in the small town of Russia on January 11, 1996. The surface looks pretty humble parents, innocent and kind. His mother, Nadezhda is a good man, a dermatologist in a public hospital. While the boy's father is a retired army officer.

Nadezhda recalled, after 15 days of birth, Borischa can already tipped his head. However, the amazing thing is when he is 1.5 years old can already read and understood the headline in the newspaper. And 2 years later, Borischa have extraordinary memory, and the ability to master new knowledge that is hard to believe. Later, her parents quickly learn, that their child with a unique way - from a mysterious place - get the information.

Nadezhda look back and say: "No one ever taught him about these things, but sometimes he folded his legs and sat down cross, spoke calmly and confidently about things that merawak Rambang. He likes to talk about the planet Mars, planetary systems, and civilizations are very far away. We really do not dare to believe with our hearing. Since the age of 2 years, every day he is like reading the scriptures talk about the universe, and other world stories innumerable also about space no limits. "

Since then, Borischa kept telling her parents that she had once lived on Mars. At that time, there is a kind of human being living on planet Mars, because there was a fatal catastrophe, the layer of atmosphere above the planet Mars completely disappeared, so that the population on the planet Mars was forced to live in the city underground. And since then, he often came out to trade and travel to earth in order to conduct research, and anyway he was just alone on a spaceship.

According Borischa, that all this happened during the prosperous civilization Limoliya. At that time, he had a close friend in Limoliya, but his friend was killed in front of him. Borischa look back and say: "At that time, on the earth have been a terrible disaster, an enormous land like a rain storm swallowed by the sea. Suddenly, a giant rock hit a building, and by chance my friend was there, I did not have time to save him. " With a live boy tells the whole scene Limoliya loss, just like happened yesterday.

Borischa say, that their space shuttle, almost in a flash has been completed in one trip since taking off from planet Mars to land on earth. In the meantime, he issued a chalk and paint an object that is round on top of the board. He said: "Our spacecraft is formed from 6 layers, outer layers dominate 25%, is made of solid metal. Layer-2 to dominate 30%, made from materials like rubber. Layer-3 to dominate 30%, also made from metalc and the last layer dominates only 4%, made from a special magnetism. If we fill full of energy on this magnetism layer, then the spacecraft can fly to wherever in the universe. "

With a little serious and said Borischa also predicted that by 2009 there will be a major disaster the first time in a land on earth, and the second time disaster more devastating will happen again in 2013

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