charlie chaplin - the funny mustache

Full name is Charles Spencer Chaplin, no one expected the man born 16 April, 121 years ago this would be one of the most popular comedians. Using a funny expression nan naive, this is the figure of Charlie Chaplin.

Charlie Chaplin's mother, Hannah Chaplin was a stage singer named Lily Harley. Unfortunately, he was not too successful due to illness which affects the vocal cords. He was married to Charles Chaplin and was awarded three children, Sydney Chaplin, Charlie Chaplin, Wheeler Dryden.

Charlie Chaplin was very close with his older brother, Sydney, four years older. On the other hand, Charlie is not too mengeal Wheeler Dryden because her sister was raised by his father who left Charlie at the age of 3 years.

At the age of 14 years, the man who was born in London, England, it gets the first chance to appear in a formal theater with acting as Billy in the drama 'Sherlock Holmes'. Next, Charlie began his career as a comedian who plays a naive and innocent expression, without voice and acting 'unusual'.

Its uniqueness is able to bring Charlie's venture into the United States in 1910 As Objectionable supporting player in Fred Karno Repertoire Company. Luck seemed to favor at the time Charlie was in the United States. He successfully claimed the comedy drama lovers hearts through the show 'A Night in the Home Music Hall'. In late 1912, Charlie Fred Karno's offer to play the movie.

The success of Charlie Chaplin in fact did not stop at the theater. He is also a composer who successfully showcased several songs including "Sing a Song ',' With You Dear in Bombay 'and' There's Always One You Can not Forget '. In fact, he created a song titled 'Smile', 'Etermally' and 'You are My Song' became Charlie Chaplin's movie soundtrack.

Popular comedian died on Christmas Day 1977, leaving eight children from last marriage with Oona O'Neill, and a son from a brief marriage with Lita Grey.

During the First World War, Charlie had criticized the British media for not joining the British Army's military service. He claimed the government had offered himself to England but rejected because too small stature.

Even so, to show solidarity with the country, Charlie donate some money to fund the war. He also made propaganda film comedy entitled 'The Bond' in 1918. In addition, there is also a propaganda short film titled 'Zepped' found in 2009.

Throughout his career Charlie, some parties claiming it was a unique mustachioed man of Jewish descent. Based on Nazi propaganda in 1930 and 1940, Charlie is considered of the Jewish religion whose original name Karl Tonstein.

In addition, Charlie attraction towards women much younger age to be unique. He is considered to be obsessed with the figure of Hetty Kelly, women who had been partners in music class for life in Britain.

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