story of a child without a face in china

child without a face, unique newsSevere burns to make a face boy from China looks awful. He called the boy 'faceless' because almost face flat like wearing a mask. Nahasnya again, her parents can not afford to do plastic surgery.

 When you see the face of Wang Xiaopeng (6 years), you might have thought he was using a mask. Horrific burns makes this boy has no hair, lips, eyelids, fingers and toes, due to an accident on Novemver 2010.

Severe injuries that make it difficult for Xiaopeng to perform the activity, because all of her fingers had to be amputated. Xiaopeng body was burned after he accidentally burned some corn stalks near his home in Yinchuan, Ningxia Province, China.

Xiaopeng parents rushed to Ningxia Medical University General Hospital to save his life. However, severe burns that made her parents very damaged and only able to pay for three months for the treatment of her beloved son. To pay for all that, they have to spend a life savings and sell houses and lands to cover the bills that reached 150,000 yuan.

His father Wang Yougiu (32 years) only earn 2,000 yuan per month as a dairy farmer, while his mother Xiu Zhengwei (30 years) is a housewife.

"We know that young children will get skin grafts and cosmetic surgery better. But we have no money," said his father, Yougiu, as reported by Dailymail. Xiaopeng now just stay at home because her school friends reject and fear Xiaopeng looking appearance. Of course this makes the heart broken parents.

"Seeing my son like this is very painful. Coupled Xiaopeng will increasingly suffer in the summer, when the heat and mosquitoes make skin more sensitive to pain," said her father.

Family asks local philanthropists to help them as needed 300,000 yuan to pay three operations that help Xiaopeng breathe and improving its appearance.

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