childrens eating tarantula

childrens eating tarantula | unique news
Profit Profit tarantula famously ferocious and feared deadly for young children in rural Cambodian village Pheang Trov CTAS, and even become their favorite food everyday. With the hand not shielded, these kids catch a tarantula. Then they cleaned and combination with butter. "Fried. Then hap! Tarantula into the child's mouth," the news site the Daily Mail, Wednesday, November 21, 2012.

British photographer, George Nickles, who lives in the village of photographing Trov Pheang CTAS, just speechless looking at it. "They were so relaxed hunt tarantulas, such as the British children who were harvesting strawberries," said Nickles. I was amazed. "Tarantulas, mice, lizards, frogs and scorpions are often eaten plain menu Cambodians. Yet no track record that shows since when they eat poisonous or venomous animals.

"Some say the custom emerged since the Khmer Rouge forces in power in Cambodia," said Nickles. "A lot of people are starving, desperate to take dangerous animals."

Tarantula-tarantula was then cleaned and then fried in butter or oil. Even though it looks dangerous, but it's not deadly tarantula. Sting just feels like a bee sting. Tarantula in Cambodia is of the type of tarantula zebra Thailand, or Haplopelma albostriatum.

In hunting tarantulas, Cambodian children sometimes equip themselves with bamboo or hoe. With this tool, they dig nests tarantula. Once the animals out, hup! Ditangkaplah beast. "They hold the back to avoid the tarantula bite,'' said Nickles.

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