mutant girl, can burn anything with hot body

mutant girl - unique news
Reporting from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Really Weird A boy of 11 years from Vietnam to get a new nickname as the 'mutant girl' because his body can give off heat unexpected. In fact, the objects around it was burned. The young girl who lives in Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City, has burned almost the entire third floor of the family home. The father said the fire originated from the super energy that is in the body of her daughter, as quoted by news website Vietman, Wednesday (23/05/2012).

 Her parents were not identified had noticed her strange ability about a month ago, when the electricity grid home run surge repeatedly. Electrical outlets around the family's house exploded when the 'mutant girl' approached him. Not only that, many objects that have been burned, such as electronic equipment, toilet seat, hotel room and even her own clothes.

After the incident that occurred on 12 May, the home power grid was transferred, all the furniture and electrical equipment placed as far as possible from the 'mutant girl'. He also guarded 24 hours a week, even his parents always willing bucket filled with water and a wet towel. Because the phenomenon of strange, the girl was tested by scientists at Hong Bang International University, in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Du Quang Chau, an expert radiesthesia (the ability to detect the 'radiation' in the human body) conducted a series of tests on her and found something strange in the right hemisphere of his brain. Realizing this is a case that is unprecedented both in Vietnam and the world, he created a panel to conduct a study on the girl's body and the surrounding environment.

This unique phenomenon attracting scientists from different fields, including physics, medicine, psychology, culture and sociology. "RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) test shows a 'hello' strange in the right hemisphere of her brain, which could be the cause of unusual power," said Dr Nguyen Manh Hung, Director of the Hong Bang University.

The girl was also medically examined at Cho Ray Hospital and Children Hospital No. 2, but the doctor did not find anything abnormal. Until now the name of the girl and her parents have not been announced, but the photos of their damaged homes have been published in several media.

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