shoe model is unique, and scary for me

unique shoesA pair of shoes called Scary Beautiful, managed to steal the attention of many fashionistas. Why? Apparently, this is the most dangerous footwear you will ever see.

 This unique shoe is the result of collaboration between the artist van der Vyver Leanie and Dutch shoe designer, RenĂ© van den Berg. Leanie itself comes from South Africa and had just graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam.

"After working in the fashion world for the past seven years, and image manipulation mode so painful effort for someone to look perfect," said van der Vyver Leanie.

Leanie conclude that people are not satisfied with what they see. Imperfection is always adjusted to the standards of beauty and fashion, which can improve themselves. This project aims to explore what lies beyond the imperfections and beauty ideals. Therefore, Leanie and René induces unexpected beauty standards and new in fashion.

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unique shoe
What is your comment on the draft outcome Leanie? Is being beautiful it is to suffer?

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