nipple twist costly, want? | unique news

nipple twist costly, want? | unique news
nipple twist costly, want? | unique news
The nipple is the most sensitive part of the breast that women should not be touched by any man except her own husband. If there is another man, maybe he's a professional nipple tweaking. What kind of work is it?

 Nipple tweaking or be interpreted as artisan twist your nipple is a profession that is truly unusual. As the name implies, its job is to twist or force any touch that can make your nipples harden.

For what contrived hard? In the model photo shoot for adult male consumption, sometimes the nipple is expected to look a little stand behind the clothing worn that seem tempting but not so vulgar as it is still covered clothes.

There are several ways you can do to make the nipples harden, such as by attaching a bag of ice cubes for a while. Unfortunately, this method is sometimes exasperated the models had to hold the bag while holding a cold that stung.

Some models of women also do it by fingering her nipples alone. But like masturbation is not everyone is comfortable doing, work groping the breast itself is also not favored by some model or actress.

Some well-known models such as Jennifer Lopez and Christina Aguilera reportedly got another way to not have touched her own breasts. Yes it was, the sexy model employs an assistant makeup artist to double as nipple tweaking.

Tyron Pecho is one example of nipple tweaking that worked for Christina Aguilera. Quoted from thespeciousreport, Friday (21/12/2012), the man who also worked on a variety of beauty treatments for the task of the artist is claimed to have worked for the artist for at least 2 years.

Jennifer Lopez also includes artists who do not like rock pack ice to make her nipples harden. A nipple tweaking paid to do the job manually, ie by twisting the guise as if I'm correct the clothes she was wearing.

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