WOW! So Toothless Dental Home Trends Among South African Youth

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WOW! So Toothless Dental Home Trends Among South African Youth
Cape Town: Dental toothless in front usually makes people embarrassed and want to cover it up by using dentures. Unlike in Cape Town and other parts of South Africa, missing teeth actually become a trend.

 Although already very rare, fashion trend has been going on a long time about 60 years. It sounds strange, but the youth of South Africa to pose gangsters and sports a smile with missing teeth after his front teeth removed.

21-year-old man, Yazeed Adams, said the trend of missing teeth is known as Cape Flats Smile.

"This is fashion, everyone has it," said Adams, as quoted Oddity Central, Friday (01/02/2013).

This trend comes from the densely populated neighborhood. Strange body modification mostly teenagers. But Jacqui Friedling of the Department of Human Biology at the University of Cape Town study the phenomenon in 2003.

He said fashion and peer pressure the main reasons removing teeth, followed by gangsterism and medical reasons.

"It's something that is a trend to do," said Friedling.

"He went through a wave, it's been fashionable in the days of my parents," he added.

This practice has been going at least 60 years. And trends in Cape Town now many young people do, most often from poor families.

The trend of front teeth missing was not too good because there is a wide gap that should overgrown teeth. Eating a terrible ordeal, and when there is an official event that asks a big smile even be a concern.

For now, dentures come in as a savior. It's funny to see people Cape Town to go to the dentist to remove the healthy teeth and get dentures.

By Rob Barry from the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Western Cape, frequency shifting has increased despite a dentist pulling teeth healthy is prohibited.

"Almost every week I get a few teenagers who here wants his teeth pulled," said Barry. He himself has made thousands of dentures for people who need to be received at social events. Dentures have become a fashion statement in itself.

African youth sometimes adorned with gold teeth or pieces of precious stones in a variety of designs. "Here the case was lifted themselves above their peers. Soon as they are able with different dentures, they will feel 'I am a little better than you'," he said.

Ronald de Villiers (45) lost all his teeth when he put on a set of gold dentures which infected the rest of his mouth, which is unusual.

Children 11 and 14 years old also wants to look more beautiful. And it is not difficult to find a dentist to remove teeth healthy, he said. All it takes is a little extra money.

Surprisingly, this practice is also followed by some white and Chinese people who live with blacks. Several years ago, studies conducted more than 2,000 people interviewed have modified teeth. About 45 percent were male, while 10 percent took off gear for thuggery.

"They said when they were fighting among gangs, they take the tooth, it's like taking a little fortune," said Friedling.

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