get free condoms, two students having sex in public places (pict)

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get free condoms, two students having sex in public places
What if sex could no longer hold? and it was done in public? Oops! Yes it happened to two students who can not control himself.

Starting from 2000 students at Exeter University, UK, to attend a charity event and get condoms for free. But whether these two students could no longer resist, so even having sex in public.

A pair of students was caught on camera having sex at the annual event, Safer Sex Ball. They were given the nickname, Blowmeo and Juliet, the couple went on to become a sensation on campus because of the action of CCTV cameras caught misbehaving in the bar and then uploaded to the phone.

Inevitably, porn video later circulated on the internet. Student Association then conduct an investigation into the incident. It is unknown, whether or couple porn video uploader will get legal action.

"Entering the CCTV footage to the internet without permission illegal," said a local police spokesman in Devon and Cornwall, while adding rules relating to the protection of law and human rights.

"However, sexual activity in public places are also included unlawful activity depends on how the model was. But we have to see the video and the official comment, "said the spokesman.

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