learn techniques to make love in akedemi sex Amora

Want to improve the technique in lovemaking? You can learn in the exhibition which was held in Berlin today. The exhibition was titled "Amora Academy of Sex. "

This exhibition welcomes visitors with nyeleneh slogan which reads "Finally-An Exhibition For People Who Should Be Touching Anything."

More than 50 sculptures displayed to show off to visitors intimate areas of male and female and offer tips for everything that smelled of sex. Start related problems nude dances, oral sex, to how to achieve the perfect orgasm. Hopefully, the more astute visitor making love (ML) after visiting the exhibition.

"Many couples come along to this exhibition to learn," said Uta Barkow, manager Beate Uhse, sex industry network that organizes the academy. "So far the exhibition went well. A lot of this exhibition effect 'aha' for many people," he added as reported by Reuters.

The exhibition also features several life-size female mannequin, naked, and with a variety of positions. One mannequin is designed for passionate when touched in a place that "just right". In fact, there is a doll that cried out "That's it" when visitors enter the finger on the g-spot. There are also interesting tool that is named by the committee "Spank-o-Meter". This tool is useful to measure the level of satisfaction experienced by a mannequin when her ass whipped.

This exhibition also features film footage showing various sexual positions, including the style "Italian Chandelier", a style that could spend up to 920 calories calories per hour.

Founded by Johan Rizki, sex academy was opened in London earlier this year and will soon open in Barcelona.

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