married men with pet dog

Marriage is a sacred event that brings together two people in the household. But, have you heard a man married to an animal?

This true story experienced by a young man from Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia who proposed a pet dog who has adopted five years ago and was five years old to be his wife.

Marriage Joseph Guiso and Honey (the dog) took place at Laurel Park, the city of Toowoomba. Just like a wedding reception that we usually lakukakan, until dozens of close friends and family also attended the wedding and blessed Joseph and Honey that goes with solemn.

As quoted by The Chronicie, Joseph reveals his heart on the sidelines of a marriage. "You are my friend and make my life better," said Joseph Guiso when recited marriage vows. "We can get through everything together."

"He did not say anything, so I regard it as an answer 'yes',"said the man who had felt guilty about living in a home with Honey without the marriage bond.

"Our marriage was a love," he said of his new status.

Couples who married December 1, 2010 and it spent a brief honeymoon with a walk in the park one of Toowoomba.

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