instant noodles 2500 years ago found

Recently, the researchers found the noodles on a very long time buried in a tomb in China. Along with instant noodles, also helped found the preserved body, as well as other foods such as porridge, and pastries.
As quoted from DiscoveryNews, experts believe that the discovery was already 2,500 years old. Papers on this discovery will also appear in the Journal of Archaeological Science.

At the grave, mound noodles found in a pottery bowl, on top of the goat's head (which may have a symbolic meaning), and other pottery bowls filled with porridge, and a crescent-shaped cake, which resembles the moon cakes in the era of modern China.

Chemical analysis of the flour in the discovery, revealed that both the noodles and cakes were made from ordinary grains. After conducting a series of experiments and the scientists believe that the grains of cereals in the bowl of boiled into porridge, boiled noodles, and cakes were burned.
"Technology is not like the traditional method of firing on the cuisine of ancient China, and this is very rarely reported," said Gong Yiwen, head of the research team from the Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

From this research, he believes that the discovery of food, indicating that combustion techniques such as these are ripe practice that has spread in the northern part of northwest China since 2500 years ago.
This research is carried out by Gong Cs, in the cemetery in the District Subeixi Turpan, Xinjiang, China. This is the central meeting place between East China and Central China, with desert climate. "The climate here is very dry, so a lot of mummies and naturally preserved plants without rotting." Gong said.

From this discovery, also predicted that the Chinese people is one of the first bread maker. Because, cakes mengindikaskan found on the ground that they were made using a furnace similar to the oven.

Previously, researchers believed that the Egyptians who is the first bread maker, is based on the estimated age of the same invention of the era.
At least on new discoveries in northern China, it was revealed that Chinese people are one of the first bread maker that has a complex cooking techniques. "By using fire and stone and grinding, the grains in large quantities cooked the food staple," said Gong.
Gong and his team, adding grain to the food-making ingredient, has been in the area since about 10,000 years ago in northwest China and may have become the main food for resistance to dry conditions and its ability to grow in areas with infertile .

Meanwhile, in Laija archaeological sites are also located in the northwest of China, Lu Houyuan researchers from the Chinese Institute of Geology and Physics, Academy of Sciences, along with other researchers also managed to find the noodles made from rice grains was about 4,000 years ago.

In this case, the noodles are soft and thin discovered including more than 50 cm in length and yellow. "Mi is similar to the La-Mian noodle, a traditional Chinese noodle that is made by pressing and pulling the dough over and over again using your hands," said Lu and his colleagues

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