modern beggars in big city America

How funny is not, but that is the reality .. This baru2 magazine Wall Street Journal expose on the lives of homeless pengemis2 around California, is really surprising and amazing foto2 and info given .. what is called modern beggar, comes to mind I do not really

Beggar 1:

Charles Pits were sitting under the bridge of San Francisco where he lived while surfing the internet for pushing the latest info and the latest know, while browsing Facebook, MySpace & Twitter

"According to him, tv, radio, newspapers are not necessary, but the line is the most important wireless internet .. this is because, with the internet I can access it and find out the current issue .."

Charles Pitts lost their homes and become beggars after falling bankrupt in the last 2 years, until he chose to live under a bridge and move on .. He bought a Toshiba laptop brand when the strike occurred as a result of the company was bought by Dell ..

In the U.S., technology products can be obtained cheaply due to the intense competition .. in addition, the public, especially the beggars can get used laptops at very cheap and affordable to them ..

Beggar 2:

Skip Schreiber was aged 64 years and is also a beggar, he lived alone in a van at a badly damaged and was rusty .. He is also fond of surfing the Internet for entertainment and youtube is one of the main entertainment ..

Using a laptop and the internet since 4 years ago with the Wi-Fi in cities around California, but he stayed in the van which is equipped with diesel generators for lighting and charging the laptop .. He only had to spend $ 4 for a period of 5 days for diesel fuel derived from activities mengemisnya

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