grandfather with face piercing ever (241 piercings)

Grandpa this one has its own uniqueness. His appearance was the extreme to make his name entered in the Guinness Book of World Records as the "man with piercing Majority. " No half-hearted there are 241 pierced in the face and neck. site launched on Thursday (22 / 4) is mentioned, as many as 150 mounted on the face pierced Jon Lynch (78), while the rest are in his neck. Men retired bank manager also added a tattoo on his face so his appearance seems so extreme.

Grandfather who lived in Apsely, Hertfordshire in England managed to shift the position of the previous world record holder Antonion Luis Aguero from Cuba with a total of 230 piercings. She did not believe that he was named the world's largest man with piercing. Now he is even planning to add a new piercing in her arms.

Lynch admitted starting menindiknya piercing action since he was the 50's after retiring from Barclays Bank. At first he was pierced in the eyebrows that paired a small ring. However, now after three decades passed, there have been dozens of rows of small rings in the eyebrows Jon Lynch.

Body piercing is an ornament to the human body such as embedding objects (mainly from metal, but can also bone, teeth, or antlers) a specific form of semi-permanent or permanent manner forwarded to the skin.

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